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Our introductory course will teach you how to tune your cello, correct sitting position, how to bow, first position and how to play a basic tune.

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About your teacher

Marie-Louise Diedericks is a classically trained experienced cello teacher and session cellist based in South Africa.

She has been playing the cello for 30 years and have taught numerous beginner cellists. She has done the string arrangements and played cello on various movie soundtracks. She played in the regional symphony orchestra since the age of 11, but after school decided to explore the contemporary music scene. She co-founded a rock band as the cellist. She has performed live for thousands of people with her own band as well as the cellist for other bands. She also has vast experience as a recording cellist.

As your cello teacher she will be able to adapt to your needs as student, due to her experience in all the different fields of cello playing.

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Use these resources to accompany your training material. Get used to playing to a click track (or metronome app on your phone) right from the start. Playing in tune and playing in time is crucial for any musician!

In order to develop your ear, use the four tuning tracks to tune your cello. Double check your tuning with a chromatic tuner or a tuning app. To develop your ear is crucial for any cellist’s pitching skills.
You will also find chord charts to some of your favourite songs. New cello chord charts will be uploaded weekly.

Happy playing!


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