How cellists are lifting spirits during the lockdown.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused most people around the world to be in lockdown.

The headlines have been grim. Most musicians had to cancel their tours and shows and stay at home like everyone else.

But during this difficult time, music has provided an avenue to lift spirits.

If you feel the cabin fever creeping in or if the lockdown blues are getting you down, have a listen to these cellists below. They might just be the medicine you need.

#1 Yo-Yo Ma’s #songsofcomfort

Yo-Yo Ma is one of the world’s most renowned and beloved cellists. He is a humanitarian, globe-trotting teacher and performer. As a child prodigy he played for the American President John  F. Kennedy at age 7.

True to his humanitarian nature he is trying to provide comfort in this time of crisis and created the hashtag #songsofcomfort.

Ma has been posting videos of himself performing short pieces on the cello and is encouraging other musicians of all levels around the world to join him in offering “Songs of Comfort.”

“In these days of anxiety, I wanted to find a way to continue to share some of the music that gives me comfort “

Yo-Yo Ma has always been proactive in creating a message of hope through his music. This time he has brought us comfort.

Have a listen here to one of Ma’s #songsofcomfort, courtesy of YouTube:

#2 The Swan Project

The Swan Project was inspired by Yo-Yo Ma’s #songsofcomfort. 

24 student cellists from around the world performed The Swan from Saint-Saëns’s The Carnival of the Animals.

It is simply beautiful!

“We hope this video serves as comfort during these bleak times. As musicians, music is our haven when life gets rough.” “In this unprecedented time of COVID-19 gripping the world, our bodies may be in different places, but our souls can still unite through music.

The video ends with the words: “Music transcends all borders”. It is the perfect message for these challenging times.

Courtesy of YouTube:

#3 Cello Meditation Concert on Airbnb Experiences.

Janice Wong a.k.a. The Wong Janice is an ambient new-age music producer and cellist based in Amsterdam. She is classically trained as a cellist and also trained in Vipassana meditation.

“I create cello journeys for meditation, relaxation, and sleep. I will take you on a journey of deep cello vibrations and sweeping cello melodies that will leave you feeling more grounded and emotionally connected.”

For those unfamiliar with Airbnb Experiences, it allows locals to host a wide range of activities and for travelers to experience them. It is also a very unique and brilliant idea to help people earn money during the time of COVID-19. You can enjoy live, interactive experiences from across the world, all from the comfort of your home.

Wong’s cello experience is truly very relaxing. I would highly recommend it for anyone who feels the need to escape, regroup, or recentre.

Here is the link to the Cello Meditation Concert as featured on Airbnb Experiences.

Courtesy of Airbnb:

#4 Young cellists bringing comfort to their neighbour.

Taran and Calliope Tien’s cello teacher tasked them with trying to hold virtual concerts during this time of social distancing. The siblings are 6 and 9 years old and decided to play a short concert for their 78-year-old neighbour Helena Schlam.

Schlam is self-isolating due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

These two young cellists wanted to do something special for their neighbour when they heard she was self-isolating. Schlam, a classical music lover, insisted she did not need groceries. So, a classical music concert on the porch was born.

For 30 minutes they played music ranging from a Bach minuet to Go Tell Aunt Rhody.

This reminds us that kindness costs nothing but means everything.

Courtesy of YouTube:

#5 Cellist Daniel Acebes recreates the sounds of a Formula One car engine.

A Spanish cellist recreated the sounds of a Formula One car engine sound on the cello and the video of his performance is going viral on Twitter.

Daniel Acebes recreated the sounds of a V10 engine of a Renault Formula One car in which Spanish racer Fernando Alonso won his maiden title.

As Acebes is recreating the sounds, a small screen also shows Alonso driving his Renault R24 car on the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in the Belgium GP.

Sharing the video on Twitter Acebes wrote,” Day 31 of confinement. I already created the V10 of @alo_oficial. The worst thing is that I have studied the melody! The speed limit is a little bit high. Also losing my mind?… One day less!”.

The video has received over 10,000 likes and  83 000 views on Twitter. More than 600 people retweeted the post.

I think the gear changes are epic!

Have a listen here, courtesy of Twitter:

#6 Live Apocalyptica concert during the lockdown

Apocalyptica is a Finnish cello metal band. The band is composed of classically trained cellists Eicca Toppinen, Paavo Lötjönen, Perttu Kivilaakso, and drummer Mikko Sirén.

Apocalyptica has sold over 4 million albums worldwide.

Originally a Metallica classical tribute band, the band eventually adopted a neoclassical metal style without the use of conventional guitars.

Today, Apocalyptica has millions of fans around the world. When they announced they will be doing a free live performance during the lockdown, their fans loved them even more!

The performance is just over an hour and in the video you can see them practicing proper social distancing. During a live performance there are so many variables that can go wrong, but they pulled it off seamlessly. A true testament to their professionalism, talent, and expertise.

In the description of the video they indicated at what time intervals you can find your favourite songs. One of my favourites is Rise at 18 minutes 30 seconds.

Here is the link to the live performance

I hope that these cellists have all lifted your spirits during this lockdown period and that you and your loved ones are healthy and keeping safe.

I would love to hear your comments on the videos above.

Please send me your favourite performances during the lockdown period.

Happy playing,


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  1. The blog is very informative not to mention inspiring and makes for a good read and listen.
    I personally enjoyed the Apocalyptica concert immensely. will set a benchmark for all other cello learning websites.
    Love the look and feel of the website.
    Congratulations Marie-Louise and team.

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